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Monday, 31/05/2010

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Sunday, 21/03/2010

NLP Training in Kingston

Tuesday, 22/12/2009

The Collected Papers of Joseph Riggio

Private MythoSelf Mentoring

During this time, the emphasis will be on ‘learning by doing' with clients that you have. Charles will guide and support you during the requisite number of hours of client work that you must complete for certification. He will also guide you in the compilation of the case notes that are requisite within this phase of the certification process. Skills development is the emphasis during this period of mentoring.

How long am I expected to commit to the mentoring program?

3 months minimum, however 6 months mentoring is required to fulfil the certification requirements.

How much mentoring time do I get?

45 minute telephone call per week plus email support in between calls. 

Arranging Private MythoSelf Mentoring

We recommend that you contact us to speak with Charles first.  Call +44-(0)20-8974-8974 or email

If you have already done this and you're ready to go, then:

Private MythoSelf Mentoring

Generative NLP train in London and the South West
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