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The MythoSelf Experience

Introducing the Hero's Journey

Introducing The Hero's Journey

The most basic journey of the individual is to move to a position of operating from the center of one's being. This transformational journey is organized around Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" as diagrammed in his book, "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" circa 1949. This journey is a prototypical one for humans through all time and over the entire planet as recounted in worldwide mythology collected and organized by Campbell. What has been added and is not Joseph Campbell's is noted in the 'red' outlined boxes. These additions reflect the organization of the Mythogenic Self Process as designed by Joseph Riggio.

What is recounted in all of mythology is the movement that is typical of humanity from a state of 'dependence' to a state of 'independence' finally building to a state of 'interdependence' (JSR). This movement is what Campbell speaks of as "becoming human." He states that the basis of this movement is common to all mankind throughout history and throughout the world. However the specifics of the journey - the nature of the "Call", "the Guide or Mentor", the "Trials and Magic Helpers", the "Gift" and the "Elixir or Boon" is uniquely cultural. The map's structure remains constant while the features shift according to the local cultural and societal specifics.

If we follow this journey from birth through maturity to decline and death we find the pattern remains constant. Each of us is born 'dependent' and then each of us struggles to establish our own 'independence' in the movement into and through our adolescence to adulthood. Then, if we remain on our path we gradually mature into a healthy and respectful 'interdependence' with society, nature and the cosmos itself. This last stage is the struggle of our times. The final movement to retain balance and integration of the self while establishing and moving into a healthy 'interdependence' is often what's missing in our society and culture. Yet this final movement is what is so longingly desired for by many. This is the mission of our lives--to fully become and express our humanity. This is the Hero's Journey ...

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1From the The Mythogenic Self™ Process © 1997-2001
2Adapted from the 'Hero with a Thousand Faces' - Joseph Campbell © 1949

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