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Charles Moore started providing personal development courses and trainings in London for self improvement in 2001. Although the company name is Generative NLP Charles is not your average Neuro Linguistic Programming / NLP training provider, NLP life coach, or NLP therapist. Charles goes beyond the ordinary experience that people associate with NLP and works with the MythoSelf Process as a MythoSelf Trainer in London where he offers a new generative process that builds on and goes beyond the successes of NLP which significantly enhances it with more lasting benefits.

The Society of NLP  “I would very much recommend Charles Moore to anyone interested in a better life. I have had tens of thousands of students - few I trust implicitly, Charles is one."
Dr Richard Bandler, Co-Creator of NLP

One of these enhancements is in the focus of the work itself. For example conventional NLP focuses on, and begins from a problem orientation. A client may come in seeking relief from a specific problem and a conventional NLP Practitioner or NLP Trainer would use NLP tools and techniques to help the client overcome that specific problem, for instance insomnia. But then the client may return some time later with complaints of migraine headaches or obsessive fears. A client's problem may be cured using NLP, but other problems may subsequently take their place. Another example is the client who is given help to stop smoking, but starts again when he encounters a particularly stressful situation.

NLP was designed to help clients "fix problems" while the MythoSelf Process takes clients to where "the problem is NOT" ... shifting the very basis of the way you move through the world so that you no longer experience what you had been experiencing as problems at all. Using the MythoSelf Process Charles will teach you a new way of being in the world, a way where you are at your best, where you know what you want, and where making good decisions comes easy.

We are proud that Generative NLP carries the reputation of being the refreshingly plain spoken and most comprehensive resource and training centre for the MythoSelf Process in the world, and we are committed to helping you benefit from the MythoSelf Process in the way it was intended by its creator.

"This has been the most profound work I have ever ever experienced."

Stefano Lauria - Mythogenic Self Experience participant  

The Mythogenic Self ExperienceThe Mythogenic Self Experience

Learn how to be a very particular way in the world ... where you are at your best, clear about what you want, and where making decisions comes easy.

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Mar 23-24th 2024
Surbiton, Surrey

Learn how to access your ultimate performance state

Private MythoSelf FacilitationPrivate MythoSelf Facilitation

Master your emotions and run your own mind. Know what you want. Gain instant confidence and motivation in a wide variety of situations. Change unwanted behaviours and remove limitations. 

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Private, tailored and intensive facilitation

Surbiton or over the phone

Access yourself at your best - the state from which all else flows

"A fantastic experience.  I recommend it to anyone.  Charles and Janice are both experienced and skillful at presenting and facilitating the material, and I felt catered for the whole time.  Not one boring moment."

Brian Reekie - Mythogenic Self Experience participant 

The Mythoself ProcessI've worked with many, many people trained in NLP, hypnosis and other technologies of change/transformation - few of them compare with Charles in terms of the  depth of knowledge and skills he brings to his work. Charles has worked with me studying and learning the methods, process and technology of the Mythogenic Self Process and is one of only four people I have designated as MythoSelf Trainers ... he is a master of the form. If you want to open up vistas of possibility that have been beyond your immediate consideration and to have your future present now work with Charles ... he is a master of creating states of 'Profound Relaxation' in which all that limits you simply dissolves and is replaced by a state of pervasive wellbeing and readiness, GO FOR IT!”
Dr Joseph Riggio, designer of the Mythogenic Self™ Process

The Society of NLP

I have known Charles for over 25 years. He is not only one of the finest change agents I know, he is one of the most consistent and most thorough. I recommend him to anyone who really wants to make powerful life changes elegantly."
John Lavalle, co-author of Persuasion Engineering™ & Master Trainer of NLP & DHE

The Society of NLP  “Charles is continuously improving his skills and will be a major player in the field of NLP"
Dr Paul McKenna, Hypnotist

The MythoSelf Process can be learnt in a number of ways, including private facilitation and group trainings, but if you're not local to London, or don't want to travel, then we can bring the The Mythogenic Self Experience to you.  If you can get together a group of 6 people of more - any where in the world, then contact us about bringing this life changing program to you.

If you aren't yet ready to contact us, please read our publications, familiarize yourself with our services, and get to know more about us.

We look forward to working with you!

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eBook : Collected Papers - 2007-09

eBook : Collected Papers - 2007-09£19.97

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The writings of Dr Riggio have been collected and indexed into a little book of knowledge. A must for anyone interested in the the MythoSelf Process...

MP3 : Seven Secrets of Wealth Attraction

MP3 : Seven Secrets of Wealth Attraction£25.00

MP3 download - ( 46MB )
Joseph will spend almost a full hour with you discussing what it is that super-successful individuals know and do

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