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The MythoSelf Experience

Million Dollar Business Building Strategies DVD Package

In 2005 I decided to run program on how to build a ... Seven- Figure Expert Advisor Business ... as a Coach, Consultant, Counselor, Adviser and/or Trainer.

That program and the $1,000,000 busines building system I'm about to describe is really all about building a completely magical life ... are you curious???

A Shocking Statistic Sent Me On A Mission To Uncover Why Some Coaches and Consultants Make $1,000,000+/Year, While Others Struggle To Pay Their Bills

After reading some statistics published by one of the top coaching websites on the Internet I realized that more than 80% of all coaches, consultants and trainers make less than $50,000/year in their businesses - and only the top 5% make more than $100,000/year consistently! I have to say I was shocked by these statistics ... I simply had no idea. Especially when you consider that I personally know more than a handful of folks in this business who make well over $1,000,000/year in their best years, including myself. I got used to beginning each year with more than $500,000 in business contracted for and in fact I make well over $100,000/year when I'm not working very hard at making money at all, as I have in the last few years while I've been focusing in re-inventing my business. I decided it was time to share what the folks who know how to generate this kind of income know - information that seems like "Secrets of Success" to everyone else.

When I first announced that I was going to run a program to teach people to build a $1,000,000,000 Coaching, Consulting, Counseling, Advising and/or Training Business In Two Years Or Less a bunch of people said I was crazy. But as I said then ... "I assure you you can build a $1,000,000 business on your own terms with people you want to work with and you can do it in less time than you think."

While this kind of success is still extraordinary, it's simpler to do this than most people would ever imagine! What it really takes is ... the right roadmap to do it!

So I presented this program anyway, in spite of the opinions of others who are always around willing to nay-say any idea they haven't already had themselves. And it was a phenomenal success!

Million Dollar Business Building Strategies DVD Package

How My Story Might Just Change Your Life Too ...

You see, I understand what it's like to yearn for success doing what you love and helping others too as you make a good living. When I entered this field myself I had come with a history of practicing architecture and make a great living ... but I was neither fulfilled nor happy about what I was doing with my life. I woke up one day and realized I didn't want to be a sixty year old architect one day. But I didn't yet know what I wanted to be doing ...

To make a long story short I went through a couple of lean years figuring out what to do next. At first I went back to something I knew how to do and that I thought would let me make a living while I figuring out what to be doing with my life ... dog training. Well the first year wasn't so good, but after that things really took off for me and I did quite well as a dog trainer. I began to learn tons about what really makes people tick, what they'll spend their money on and why, and exactly how to run a small personal service business in an incredibly successful way. In fact I learned how to run this business so well most people couldn't (or wouldn't) believe you could earn that much money training dogs - and having a blast doing it.

When I figured out the first secrets that made all the difference in my business a few amazing things began to happen. First, my customers who had been pleased before began to tell me they were thrilled with the service I was providing. Next, they began to refer me to friends and family at every opportunity. Third, and most amazing of all to me, other dog trainers started wanting to know what I was doing that made such a huge impact. To put it all simply my business took off and soared!

My life was truly magical I was doing something that I loved, working with great people and their dogs, and enjoying all the rewards of running a successful business that you could imagine. Yet, I knew this wasn't "IT" - I didn't want to be a dog trainer for the rest of my life. But, I still didn't know exactly what I did want to be doing.

Then I came across NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), and I was fascinated by it. I fell in love with NLP and what it seemed to be offering to me and others. I had an experience in a training with Richard Bandler one of the co-developers of NLP and I decided on the spot I would learn this technology and do this for the rest of my life. From that point onwards I studied every thing I could get my hands on, practiced what I was learning and continued developing my knowledge and abilities steadily. Within a few years I felt I had the skills I wanted and needed to make the next transition.

I was still training dogs during this time and doing quite well. Yet I knew I wanted something more. I had a brand new shiny NLP Trainer's Certificate, so I hung out a shingle and became an NLP Coach, Consultant and Trainer (little did I know what I was getting into at the time ...). For the next couple of years I struggled mightily to make this business work for me as I wished it would ... lot's of effort, little returns.

Jumping a bit ahead I realized that I was going about it all wrong. I was following all the advice well meaning people - mostly other struggling, and even sometimes successful, coaches and consultants themselves - were giving me and getting nowhere. Here I was struggling and hoping to just make a decent living doing something I really loved, but wasn't making much money doing - not even enough to really support myself, let alone my family. Then it hit me ... I already knew how to build a successful business. I done it at least twice before - as an architect and as a dog trainer.

Now all I had to do was figure out exactly what I'd done to be successful in those last two businesses. So I started going over everything that I had done that I though contributed to making those businesses as successful as they had been. I also decided to hedge all bets and find some folks who were wildly successful as coaches, consultants and/or trainers themselves. I had no idea where the journey I was beginning was going to take me.

One of the first things I learned was that I had more talent than I'd realized - one of the super-successful folks I'd met convinced me of that ... and he was right. So I added that information into what I was already doing. That one piece of information alone transformed my business. I went from being just another guy who had hung out a shingle as a "consultant" to being an expert advisor that people wanted to hire - and for more money then I'd ever thought about charging before! This kind of information just kept coming up and I kept implementing it to transform my business - and myself - over and over again.

Within a year of doing this I'd stopped training dogs completely and I was working full-time as a coach, consultant and trainer. I put together a successful training program and started getting real recognition from clients. One day I got a call from someone in Denmark asking me if I'd like to come over and deliver my program to a client of his over there. I jumped at the chance. Well this turned out to be one of the major learning experiences in my life. This person, who's now one of my business partners, gave me the roadmap to consistent business success. He knew and shared with me secrets of how to build a successful coaching, consulting, counseling, advising and/or training business that he'd accumulated and perfected over many, many years of trial and error himself.

What I realized from this encounter with good fortune were a number of things, including: the value of taking a risk, the importance of pursuing your dreams, tapping into the storehouse of learning that others have ... and so much more which I share with you in this Million Dollar Business Building package. But, the one thing I also began to realize was that so few people, even wildly successful people, know how to teach others the secrets of success .

11 Things That Every Million Dollar Professional Would Tell You Absolutely Have To Be Present In A Practice To Generate Significant Income - If They Could ...

Let Me Share With You Some Of What I Presented In This Workshop:

  • Identifying your "thing," the specific service or product to focus on as you begin to build your business
  • Selecting the "target audience/market" for your "thing"
  • Uncovering and articulating the U.S.B. for your "thing" and presenting it to your "target audience /market"
  • Building your ability to speak conversationally about what you do to entice your "target audience/market" to want what you're offering in an irresistible way
  • The three essential business models that you can choose to organize your business around
  • The best model to choose for your specific temperament, skills and business outcomes
  • How to begin using the business model you choose immediately and most effectively to build your business
  • How to use the other two business models to leverage and support the primary model you choose
  • How to use your business model to generate immediate revenues
  • Developing a marketing plan that's ideally suited to your business model
  • How to begin generating you first $100,000 of revenue

    Why This Program Will Transform Everything You Thought You Knew About The Coaching, Consulting, Counseling, Advising and Training Business

    If you want to build a super-successful coaching, consulting, counseling, advising and/or training business than this program is for you. You'll get the exact strategies I used to build my own seven-figure consulting business. In fact I present these strategies in an easy to follow step-by-step way to make them easy for you to hijack for your own business.

    If you've ever wondered how elite coaches and consultants stay in-demand ... charge 2-10 times more than the industry norm, and still have clients banging down the door with checks for more money than most people make all year get these DVDs and get ready to be treated to a master-class in the comfort and convenience of your own living room.

    Massive success in the coaching and consulting business is NOT an accident, nor is it luck. But the exact formula has been a closely held secret among an elite group of insiders who earn more than a $1,000,000 a year in a business that gives them the "dream-lifestyle" they choose while doing what they love. These super-consultants are tight-lipped about how they got to where they are, and, until now, the only way to become one of them was to be personally mentored or stumble on a smidgen of what works through expensive and time-draining trial and error.

    This program is ideally suited to psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, mental health counselors and other therapists who are ready to escape 'managed care' and build a truly 'private practice' and practitioners of NLP, hypnosis, body-workers and massage therapists who want to extend their practice beyond the limits of delivering individual sessions ...

    The program is also designed to work for anyone who ever thought about becoming a professional coach or consultant, but has hesitated because of a concern that they lacked the necessary knowledge and skills to build a highly successful business. Maybe you have a corporate background, or you are an executive, or you've run you're own business, possibly you are a teacher or have worked with people in a helping capacity - if you believe you have something to offer as a coach or consultant this program will give you the necessary tools to transform that desire into a clear vision for your business.

    Of course, if you are already a coach or consultant who is just not yet earning the kind of income you desire, or getting to work with the kinds of clients you would most like to be working with, you'll find every word of this program enormously valuable to you as you grow your business. I speak the language of this business from an intimate insider's point of view and I'll show you exactly what it takes to connect with your target audience/market in a profoundly, powerful way that is completely matched to you individually.

    By the time you finish watching these DVDs you will know more about what it takes to actually build a super-successful coaching, consulting, counseling, training and/or advising business than most people do after having spent ten years in "the business."

    The Critical Difference Between "Just Information" And The Applied Wisdom That Will Produce Results For You In Your Business

    It isn't enough to have great information, what matters most is whether or not that information will produce the results you yearn for in your business. We've all heard stories about incredibly successful people who have no idea how they do what it is they actually do to generate their success ... they "just do it." And it's true, being successful is no guarantee that you are able to teach others about how to become successful themselves. So of course, it would be a fair question to ask me what makes me think just because I've done it myself that I have the skills to train others to become as successful as I have been. Well here are some of the facts:

  • I've worked with executives in International Fortune 100 Companies and private firms in twenty-seven countries helping them to organize their business development strategies for over ten years
  • As a consultant I've trained elite sales-professionals in the art of presenting and selling intangible services that have generated millions of dollars of revenues each year
  • My training materials have been translated into seven languages and I've trained people as coaches and consultants around the world
  • Most importantly the clients I work with rave about the changes in their businesses and in their lives ... take a look at what a couple of them have to say for yourself ...

    In the time I've known and worked with Joseph I went from being a ‘sole' practitioner barely making ends meet, living day to day – to becoming a ‘soul' practitioner teaching others how to do what I do, creating a substantial business that makes an incredible contribution in our community and now we're looking to break several million dollars in business this year. I cannot possibly do justice in words alone to how impactful and powerful working and knowing Joseph has been for me. - Robert H. Brandau

    For someone who's already doing well in their lives and in their business working with Joseph will surely be the catalyst that helps them to explode! Someone who's ready to take the next step in their life and with their business or career will be the one who benefits most from working with Joseph in my opinion. There's simply no one who does this better … working with people who are looking for real success and organizing around what's working rather than “fixing problems” and dwelling on what's not working and failure in their lives. I can and do recommend working with Joseph to folks like this with great enthusiasm and excitement for the success I know they'll find once they have. - Michael Davis

    Million Dollar Business Building Strategies DVD Package

    These are people running sole-practitioner, private practices themselves. Businesses similar to the ones run by thousands of less successful coaches and consultants in every place I've ever been. The difference is they learned the secrets of how to do it in a way that now earns them the kind of incomes they hoped to be making all along, working with the kinds of clients they want to be working with every day. When you purchase my "Million Dollar Business DVDs" you too will have access to these same secrets to put to use in your business and your life. And, since you'll own these DVDs you'll be able to access this information and refresh yourself on what the secrets of success in a million-dollar business are any time you want.

    Let's take a look at a few of the secrets I covered in the Million Dollar Business Building Series:

  • SECRET 1 – Every decent marketing book teaches the value of a Unique Selling Proposition (U.S.P.) ... but million-dollar coaches and consultants know that mastering the U.S.B. is the key to true riches...
  • SECRET 2 – The target market/audience, your U.S.P. and their U.B.S. for your “thing” are remarkably obvious when you know what and how to look for them.
  • SECRET 3 – The Medium truly is the Message.
  • SECRET 4 – Conversational Selling Strategies to have your clients lining up to buy without hard selling.
  • Regardless of what you may have heard there are “secrets to success” … very seldom will you get these secrets directly from those who have actually found them or who are actually using them for themselves.

    This is primarily because even though these folks have found these secrets most of them still operate from a “zero-sum” world mentality. That means for these folks, if you’re getting more successful they must be getting less successful - these are the ones who have found only the first level secrets.

    Then there are those people who are just too busy running their businesses and enjoying the success they’ve built when they’re not to share these secrets with you. While these folks aren’t “afraid” to share their secrets with you, their lives are just too full already to be bothered - these are the one’s who have found the second level secrets, but not the powerful third level where “quantum wealth” begins.

    Finally, there are those people who would be happy to share the secrets with you and in fact will try if you can find them and ask them, yet they just never seem to be able to get across to others how they themselves have built the success they enjoy. These folks who know how to leverage their success have found these powerful third level secrets – they’re just not particularly good teachers .

    What makes both my programs and me different is that I begin from being a great teacher … this isn’t reckless boasting on my part, just a lack of false modesty. My “profession” is to teach others … and without bragging, I’m quite good at it. I’ve learned these secrets … the first level secrets – how to make money doing what I love, the second level secrets – how to make money doing what I love and have a life worth living while I’m doing it, and the powerful third level secrets where real “quantum wealth”* begins – how to make money doing what I love, having a life worth living while I’m doing it AND knowing how-to leverage my connections with others to take this to a quantum level above what I’d be capable of doing all on my own … and, in addition to all of that I’m willing and able to teach these secrets to you!

    [*Quantum wealth –is where you start making more money that you can possibly make on your own, that you don’t have to produce or earn yourself … and where you’ve begun to leverage your time exponentially –trust me, the results are staggering!]

    From one of NY’s most successful Private Investor Relations Consultants …

    "If you're interested in learning what millionaires know and most others don't or spend a lifetime to figure out then spend some time with Joseph – you will not regret this decision ever!"

    I've been in business for over forty years now, having begun as an attorney in private practice and since then building and running businesses up and down the East Coast of the United States.

    Throughout my career one thing has proved to be and remains essential to success – the ability to sell yourself and your ideas to others. I was already accomplished at this from my years of experience starting and building successful businesses, yet when I met Joseph Riggio I realized I still much I could learn from him. Although Joseph is younger than I am his experience belies his years. He's identified and organized the secrets of success in getting along with and working with others in a way I've not seen anyone else do in all my years working with and among some of the most accomplished and successful people in business. He knows exactly what makes people tick and how to connect with them and present yourself and your ideas in a way they're most likely to accept and act on than anyone else I've ever met or heard about. And what's more he's become a master of teaching these skills to others as well.

    For all my years, I struggled with each business I've been involved in to get others to form a team where every person is as committed to its success as I've been. I'd always thought this was just the way it was, now I know differently. After having worked with and learned from Joseph I have put together a team of top producers who are all pulling in the same direction and accomplishing in less than half the time what I thought it would take years to accomplish – this is what I've dreamed of putting together for most of my adult life. We are well on our way to taking this business to double digit seven figure revenues after less than two full years – and I can attest that a significant part of this journey has been a result of what I've learned and continue to learn from and with Joseph Riggio.

    If you're interested in learning what millionaires know and most others don't or spend a lifetime to figure out then spend some time with Joseph – you will not regret this decision ever! He is a master of the form called “SUCCESS.” Working with people personally and professionally comes as naturally to Joseph as making investments comes to someone like Warren Buffet. He'll show you more about yourself in the first hour with him than you've known for your whole life – then he'll show you how to leverage this to build your dreams into reality … I know I'm a testament to his methods. - Robert Giordano, Esq.

    Million Dollar Business Building Strategies DVD Package

    I said when I ran the Million Dollar Business Building program that I didn't know if I'd ever run that program again ... and to date I haven't - nor have I made any plans to run it again ... and I never may.

    However, even at that time I had an inkling this was going to be a really special program. Because I usually trust my gut I brought in a professional filmmaker and film crew to tape these two days. They made a great film from the footage they got and edited it up for me, complete with a whole section on just the exercises we did during the program as separate follow along section on the first DVD in the series. This section alone is probably worth what folks paid to attend the entire two-day program, especially when you have the sixty-page manual that goes with it to do these exercises for yourself.

    Here's A Glimpse Of The Details You've Been Waiting For - You'll Be Astonished When You Realize How Large A Package You Have In Your Hands After You've Purchased And Own This Complete Set

    The seven unique components that make up the $1MM Business Building program:

    Five Professionally Produced Full-Length DVDs:

  • Disk 1: Business Building Strategies ...
    Plus all of the $1MM Business Building Strategies Exercies:
    Business Building Strategies - Generating Your Magnificent Idea
  • Disk 2: Business and Pricing Structures
  • Disk 3: Value Models
  • Disk 4: Service Products
  • Disk 5: Locality and Advisors

    Full Sixty Page Manual:

    Look at all the exercises included that are also presented in detail on the DVDs:

  • You Are Unique
  • Why Do You Do This?
  • Why Do You Do This For Others?
  • Are You An Advisor or An Expert?
  • The Values You Hold
  • Working With Different Values Memes
  • What Is Your "Magnificent Idea?"
  • Who Is In Your Professional Community?
  • Your Relationship With Your Clients and Customers
  • Delivering Professional Services
  • Pricing Your Services In The Marketplace
  • What Products Can You Develop?
  • Who, What, How? (Your Target Audience/Market)
  • Who Are Your Mentors, Guides and Advisors?
  • Focus, Passion, Luck, Patience
  • Investing In Yourself

    And you'll also find written descriptions of the essential concepts you'll hear me present in the live workshop. There's a section of additional resources for you as well. When you've finished watching the DVDs and filling out the sections of this manual you'll have a complete blueprint for how to build your own seven-figure business.

    And ...

    You'll also get MindMaker®*, the actual self- testing instrument I used with participants in the "live" $1MM Business Building Strategies workshop.

    This is simply the best tool I've ever come across for identifying your personal values-set and beginning to understand how you see the world in relation to how others see it. This insight alone will likely transform your relationship with your existing and potential clients, and as result transform your business as well.

    With the information you'll gather about yourself using this instrument I'll guide you through a complete exercise to identify your ideal target audience/ market, and how to build a presentation that will match their buying patterns perfectly.

    Expect to be amazed by this package ... it will most assuredly continue to be a business-building resource you count on above all others in the years ahead!

    Million Dollar Business Building Strategies DVD Package

    *MindMaker6 is a trademark of Brain Technologies Corporation, Plano, Tx. Used by permission.

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