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The MythoSelf Experience

GenerativeNLP Newsletter Issue 1

Real life dilemmas. Solved.

Dilemma 1

"I want to let go of feeling sorry about something that I did in the past so that I can be free to enjoy my life now and in the future"

The misery and suffering that can come when you don't let go of something that you said or did in the past that you regret can be seriously debilitating. It results in low self-worth, it drains your energy, prevents you from being fully present to your life now, and it can even effect your ability to remember things.

The solution is to replace being sorry with forgiving yourself.

Forgiving yourself is life-giving and re-opens the channels for dignity, strength and love. It also takes your life off hold.

Janice comments "After listening to my tale of sorrow and regret, my mentor simply said "You just weren't ready...". At that time these words fell on deaf ears. Five years later, while listening to the radio, the words "forgive yourself" jumped out at me from the speakers. Like a flash of lightning the words from my mentor returned and I realized the significance of what he'd said. In that moment I forgave myself, and my life began again."

Don't torture yourself for not being ready to deal with a situation in some other way than you actually did. Forgive yourself - right n(o)w (don't wait and watch more of your life pass you by!). Say "I forgive myself".

You will soon begin to notice that life is different for you - it will be like waking up. In fact, the MythoSelf® Process is all about waking up - yourself and other people. Being "awake" (in the way that is meant here) is recognised by:

  • Your whole body (your system) comes to rest
  • Your attention is out in the world (not lost in your head)
  • You are future orientated - organized toward what it is you want
  • Your attention is on what's working and what's possible (rather than the opposite)

When a person is like this, they are at their best. Words like "peace", "relaxed", "at ease" are used by people to describe this way of being.

The trick to being able to operate from such a resourceful position rests within you, and there is nothing hoochy goochy magical about it. In fact it's to do with the chemistry in your body. When your body is organized in a particular way (that is unique to you) you "feel" a certain way.

For instance, when your body is organized to configuration "X", you may feel despair and loneliness. And when your body is organized to configuration "Y" life just seems to work; you feel content, your body is at rest, and you are positive in your thinking. (BTW....this happens because of imprint experiences that are woven into your very being....but more on that another time).

What would it be worth to you to be shown explicitly what you do with your body - your unique configuration - for being at your best?

How would your life be if you were able to be happy/at peace/content intentionally from the inside, instead of needing things on the outside to be a certain way first?

How many more days of your life are you prepared to "lose" because you can't move on from things that have already happened?

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