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GenerativeNLP Newsletter Issue 4

Real life dilemmas. Solved.

Dilemma 4: Am I a quitter, or is it time for a change?

Ever wondered whether it's time to bail out of a job, relationship or some other commitment that you have made, because the ‘high' that you used to feel is no longer there? Do you feel bored? Stuck in a rut? Wondering what the heck you are doing with your life?

Some people find it hard to decide whether to make changes in their life because they're not really sure whether the change is warranted. 'The Grass Might Be Greener On The Other Side' syndrome can be debilitating, especially when prolonged over a period of time.

But what ever the reason, teetering on the edge of action while trying to decide is a draining and miserable existence, so this month we have some top tips and advise to help you decide.

Life isn't about feeling happy all the time

Not feeling happy every day is not necessarily an indicator that a change is needed. You'll be jumping ship often if "happiness and joy every day" is what you're chasing.

Examine your rationale

If you're wondering whether bailing out would label you a quitter in the eyes of others, it's best you examine your rationale by having a conversation with who ever "others" is (or are). In doing this you may very well find that your concerns are un-founded.

How things were, aren't necessarily an indicator of how things will be

Even if you have left of trail of quitting when the going has got tough, that's no indicator of how things will be in the future (and anyway, quitting may have been just the right thing to have done).

Shift your focus

Instead of dragging the past into your decision making process, practice projecting into the future what it is you want, and allow yourself to be drawn toward that.

Find a solution that works

It may be that there are aspects of your situation that you like. What would need to happen so that you could enjoy more of those aspects?

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