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The MythoSelf Experience

GenerativeNLP Newsletter Issue 5

Real life dilemmas. Solved.

Dilemma 5: My negative thinking spirals out of control!

This month's real life dilemma provides 3 ways to help you put a stop to your negative inner dialogue and unwanted behaviour by 'plugging into your network' and taking control'! It may seem funny to think of yourself as a network, but when you think of a network as an integrated information system with communication occurring between the various components, this description sums up human beings pretty well! Here's a bit more information to help you make sense of what I mean..

Vital organs in your body are all linked together by information carriers known as neuropeptides, and it's these neuropeptides and their receptors that make up what we refer to as emotions.

This means that your emotions are a result of the information exchange between your bodily processes, and the thing that holds the entire network together and manages that information exchange i.e. your mind. Which, as far as we know, doesn't' actually exist in any specific location in your body as a physical or tangible thing.

Information flow can be unconscious, occurring outside of your awareness, or conscious, occurring in your awareness, so if your aim is to stop your negative thinking and your associated unwanted behaviour's, then your task is to take conscious control of yourself, thus placing the information flow inside your awareness.

3 ways to help you to plug into your network and take control

1. When you are about to do anything (i.e. engaging in any sort of activity) ask yourself "what's my intention here?". Decide what it is before you act, and keep that intention in mind as you are engaging in the activity.

2. When you are about to engage someone in conversation, ask yourself "what's my intention here?". Decide what it is before you speak, and keep that intention in mind as you are having the conversation.

3. Before you do or say anything, ask yourself "What experience do I want to be creating for the person/people around me?"

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