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The MythoSelf Experience

Social Ontology

Howdy all,

A new topic of consideration for you the construction of reality amongst people, or the construction of a social ontology.

Most simply what I'm suggesting here is the essence of what I perceive the core of the MythoSelf model to be ... i.e.: inter-subjectivity. This is the way reality is held with regard to, in relation to and as formed in interaction with others. In essence the position I hold and am saying is embodied in the MythoSelf model is that there is only inter-subjective reality, or the reality you construct with regard to, in relation to, with or with other in mind. This has the direct corrolary of there being no subjective reality ... i.e.: no reality that doesn't include the consideration of other or the impact of other in the consideration of it (the reality being considered).

Taking this further this suggests that what is called "subjective reality" is in fact an extension of some inter-subjective reality. This does not negate subjective phenomenological experience, only the premise that the concept of the reality being experienced can be subjective. I'm proposing that the subjective phenomenological experience is grounded in an inter-subjective reality, beginning with inter-subjective experience that began in the womb. The sense of the "subjective" is the figure on the ground of the inter-subjective.

This idea of an inter-subjective construction of reality is not new. Many people has suggested and proposed the idea of a socially constructed reality. Even more people subscribe to this premise as the basis of thought. Some even go so far as to say that there is no reality beyond the constructed reality ... i.e.: "this" - the Universe - does not exist other than as a socially constructed form ... i.e.: that all ontology is socially constructed. Yet I would argue that there are some things that are ontologically inherent including the Universe. I'd in fact say that the Universe is a priori to the possibility of a socially constructed ontology. This is grounded in my proposition that the Universe exists in spite of us ... and mostly doesn't care what we think of it either. (By now the "What the Bleep" folks must be really pissed off!!! Imagine that the super-nova that happening just beyond Alpha Centuri doesn't actually care if you know about it or not, and if you do what you might think of it - it just keeps on going on.)

Yet I'm not in that particular domain of inquiry about "ontology" per se, i.e.: what actually exists. I simply accept that the Universe exists and the stuff in it, including the actions and dynamics that occur as a result actually exist. What I'm considering is the stuff that doesn't exist like the "fact" the Tiger Woods just won the British Open, or that Charles and Janice Moore are married. These are social ontologies and I'm suggesting that they only exist as inter-subjective experience. I'm then saying that all experience, including the experience of the priori ontologically present Universe, is inter-subjective. I mean that everything that is experienced phenomenologically is inter-subjective - including what hasn't happened yet, especially as it's constructed in the MythoSelf model.

Based on this proposition I suggest that all human performance is based on this inter-subjective experience. Every act that an individual engages in fully represents the entirety of their personal inter-subjective experience. While my statement (or some might see it as a concession) of "personal inter-subjective experience" might seem in contradiction to my overall premise I see it as integral to it. The inter-subjective experience is perceived phenomenologically as personal, or subjective AND the totality of all those whom the individual has come into contact with, encountered remotely (e.g.: though reading or other media, including stories told by others), or even imagined are present in every act. The act (or extended - their actions) is their ongoing way of continuing to relate to other. By extreme example some people have heard me speak of how this is even represented by someone seeking the hermit's life ... this is an ongoing relating to not wanting to be with other - which can only be realized in relation to their thinking of and about other, e.g.: "Oh yes, I am alone ... no one's here with me ... I am without other ..."

Then let's go a bit further ... to the embodiment of the inter-subjective experience. HOwever maybe I save that for another posting ...

In the meantime, let me conclude with these comments. The core or essence of the MythoSelf Process as I conceive of it contains the idea of the social ontology which underwrites and prompts all action leading to the performance of our lives. The function then of this same process is to both make explicit this impact on our performance and to offer the means to refine it as well.

I await your thoughts into my inter-subjective experience of this reality ...

Best regards,

Joseph Riggio, Ph.D.
Architect and Designer of the MythoSelf® Process

Joseph Riggio International | Princeton

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