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The MythoSelf Experience

Soma Semantic Modeling

Soma-Semantic™ Modeling is a process of behavioral tracking and intervention developed by Joseph Riggio based in a non-symbolic, pre-verbal consideration of cognition.

Using this model it is possible to track the way in which an individual receives and processes information directly as it is experienced. This is prior to the semantic consideration in which the individual applies meaning to the experience event.

The premise that this model is based in is that the individual will always respond immediately at a somatic level to all experience before it is processed (i.e.: cognated) and a meaning is applied to the experience event. This somatic response is "readable" in the somatic response in terms of physiological manifestations - posture, gesture, facial expression, breathing ... and that each of these manifestations in combination are the response itself at the physiological level. Within the Soma-Semantic model the physiological response is the state experience of the individual in regard to the experience event.

The state experience is a recursive process, i.e.: the prior state influences the response to the experience event which sets up the next state from which the next experience event response will occur, etc. There is built into the model the premise that the individual can "choose" the a priori state from which all events will be experienced. This is a function of the physiology of the individual at the most subtle and sublime levels. Specifically the physiology must be addressed below the gross manifestations of posture and gesture to allow the level of control suggested within the model.

Further Soma-Semantic Modeling states that the meaning an individual applies to any event experience will be a function of the a priori state and the sensory data available in regard to the event - Meaning = f(State x Sensory Data). Therefore if the individual is controlling the a priori states from which they experience events, they by default are in control of what those events will "mean" to them.

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