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The MythoSelf Experience

Application of the MythoSelf® Process 

The MythoSelf Process is applicable to every area of life because it is about how you are being in any given moment.  It teaches you how to organize yourself so that you are at your best, and it offers the possibility of improving everything from relationship problems, to work difficulties, to your health. Ultimately it is addressing the existential longing that people suffer in modern society, but as far as most people who train with us are concerned, they came because some area of their life sucks.

For some people, "Greater Than Self "could be described as G-d, others Nature, others Love, or the Universe. It doesn't really matter what label is given to it. It is simply about a way of being in life, and the decisions that we make to support that way of being.

Joseph Campbell referred to this way of being as following your bliss. James Joyce as "stream of consciousness". Carl Jung referred to it as finding what myth you are living - the "mythic quest".

The Mythic Quest

The way of the world during the 18th and 19th centuries was such that the emphasis was on the search for self, and by the 20th century this had reached the masses. This means a move toward individuation and away from finding ourselves within our society and culture. This movement towards self can be seen particularly in the popularity of "human potential" and "personal development" technologies during the third and fourth quarters of this century.

The history of the human species is social and cultural. Yet this new reference of the self as "apart from" as opposed to "a part of" the larger society is a uniquely modern concept. It's become so common and ubiquitous that it's virtually unnoticeable. There is the quest for self-recognition, self-reward, self-acknowledgment - at any cost.

The original quest was for how we fit into the overall pattern. How do we recognize our place among others and become something greater than ourselves through this connection. This is the mythic quest. The myth is always in relation to something greater than self. However in the rush of modern psychology's desire to define and uncover the personal self, the greater collective of whom we are a part has become lost. This is the root of the existential longing that modern society suffers. The sense that all there is, is the self. The desire to know ones self, has driven out the awareness of the collective, which in our history and prehistory as a species we all enjoyed.

The MythoSelf® Process is a series of exercises that collectively form a set of instructions on how to achieve your true potential, while awakening that awareness of the collective, and keeping a connection to it as you move through life.

The MythoSelf Process - Basic Principles

Ideas about who a person knows themselves to be, relationships with others, and ones relationship with the universe at large, form the basis for how MythoSelf Process facilitators and trainers think about having a life that works.  The MythoSelf Process holds that:

  • There is something 'greater than self' that every human being is a part of.
  • When a person is moving through their life with that connection knowingly ever present, they experience a state of balance within themselves and in relation to other.
  • There is a specific and unique physiological configuration for every human being, that, when accessed, re-elicits a positive imprint experience where they are at their best.
  • It is possible to teach any person their access, so that they are able to be at their best intentionally instead of it being left to chance. 
  • When a person accesses this imprint experience, their system comes to rest, their attention is outside in the world, and they have a bias toward the positive and "what's working".
  • All human beings are, by nature, and because of our neurological set-up, story tellers (myth makers). 
  • People whose lives are working all create a myth to live by that is supportive of who it is they want to be becoming. 

The benefits you will experience:

  • Come to rest within yourself - When your system is at rest, you are free of stress and anxiety. This is the best foundation for health.
  • Have your attention outside in the world - When you aren't lost in your head, you'll experience so much more of life, and your memory will reflect this!
  • Discover what it is you really want -  When you know what you want, a path becomes present for you and it becomes obvious what to be doing.  Gone will be the disheartening days of aimlessly drifting along.
  • Know exactly how to make good decisions quickly and easily every time - These will be the kind of decisions that will keep you true to yourself and moving toward what it is you want. No more ifs, buts and maybes!
  • Notice what's possible, what's working and opportunities - This is instead of noticing for problems, what's not working, and obstacles.
  • Heightened awareness - This will be of your own patterns of behaviour, and those of others
  • Increased self-confidence - This goes hand in hand with being at rest on the inside, being clear about what you want, and being able to make good decisions quickly and easily.
  • Increased motivation - This also goes hand in hand with being at rest on the inside, being clear about what you want, and being able to make good decisions quickly and easily.

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