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The MythoSelf Experience

DVD : EPC - Series One VCD

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Joseph Riggio creator of The Mythoself Process and The Mythogenic Self Experience

Product NameEPC : Series One DVD
Produced ByJoseph Riggio
Product TypeVideo-CD

Full Color Live VCD Presentation, "Working with Michael"

In this VCD you'll be receiving you'll see Joseph explaining, setting up and running a full live client session from a training program delivered in Denmark (the material is all presented in English). This full color video was filmed for Joseph's own private use so you'll see it as it actually occurred - no studio retakes, no edits, no interruptions - just an actual live demonstration of this model in action with Master Executive Advisor/Coach Dr. Joseph Riggio himself.

When you watch him in action you'll think you're learning how to operate the equivalent of "quantum physics" or "string theory" for human performance, and yet you'll also recognize how simple Joseph makes it all seem in action. He'll be explaining every step as he goes using simple and direct language to make what he's doing clear.

And, much, much more ...

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MythoSelf Disclaimer
This product is only for sale to those over the age of eighteen and when you order you are certifying that you are eighteen years of age or older. This product is sold for educational and entertainment purposes only, no other offer or application is suggested or implied. This product is not to be regarded as or considered to be a substitute for professional advice, including but not limited to medical, psychological, legal, financial or otherwise, and if you are in question we strongly advise you to seek the input of a qualified professional. Also please note that Joseph at times uses strong and colorful language that may not be appropriate for minors.

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