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The MythoSelf Experience


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MP3 : Beyond Belief

MP3 : Beyond Belief£25.00

MP3 download - ( 49MB )
If you're at all interested in what is beyond the domain of belief where direct experience presides then GET THIS AUDIO CD NOW...

MP3 : Beyond Hypnosis

MP3 : Beyond Hypnosis£25.00

MP3 download - ( 48MB )

MP3 : Beyond NLP1

MP3 : Beyond NLP1£25.00

MP3 download - ( 48MB )
Joseph reviews some of the most embedded ideas of NLP and gives you his take on them ... as well as why he thinks they no longer belong in the NLP model.

MP3 : Beyond NLP2

MP3 : Beyond NLP2£25.00

MP3 download - ( 33MB )
Joseph revealing the single most powerful "SECRET IN NLP TODAY" ... this is what isn't talked about in any NLP circles ... polite or otherwise"

MP3 : Beyond Special - 2 For Less

MP3 : Beyond Special - 2 For Less£40.00

MP3 download (x2)
Buy any 2 of the Beyond Teleseminar MP3's and save money.
Choose from : Beyond NLP1, Beyond Hypnosis, Beyond Belief and Beyond NLP2

MP3 : EPC - Beyond The Obvious

MP3 : EPC - Beyond The Obvious£25.00

MP3 download - ( 29MB )
Listen as Joseph introduces and guides you through his "Exquisite Performance Coaching™" tips for working with clients

MP3 : EPC - Series One Audio and VCD

MP3 : EPC - Series One Audio and VCD£177.00

4 MP3 files + Manual + MP4
Experience a complete in-depth tour of Joseph's Exquisite Performance Coaching model on this four audio CD set, manual and Video-CD.

MP3 : Immune Series

MP3 : Immune Series£40.00

MP3 download - ( 231MB )
The Immune Series product gives suggestions... to balance and boost your Immune system...!

MP3 : Journey to Becoming Human

MP3 : Journey to Becoming Human£25.00

MP3 download - ( 39MB )
Joseph's Introduction to "The Mythogenic Self Process" produced for the Kindred Spirit Magazine June 2005 

MP3 : Profound Relaxation

MP3 : Profound Relaxation£25.00

MP3 download - ( 24MB )
Developing the self awareness and ability to organize your self to be relaxed on the inside is the best possible foundation for recovery if you have a health issue, and it's the best insurance any person can take to avoid ill-health. Using this...

MP3 : Seven Secrets of Wealth Attraction

MP3 : Seven Secrets of Wealth Attraction£25.00

MP3 download - ( 46MB )
Joseph will spend almost a full hour with you discussing what it is that super-successful individuals know and do

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items
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