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The MythoSelf Experience

Facilitator training

As a trainer for the MythoSelf Process in the United Kingdom, Charles guides others to fulfill the certification process requirements to become a certified MythoSelf facilitator.   He also runs Mythogenic Self Experience trainings in the UK and internationally.

MythoSelf Mentoring - £500 per month

45 minutes per week plus email support in between calls

Tell me more about mentoring 

Private MythoSelf Mentoring

Charles Moore began his apprenticeship with Dr.Joseph Riggio Ph.D, Architect and Designer of the MythoSelf Process in 2001, although he had been studying with Joseph for 3 years before that.

The intensive nature of this relationship has meant that Charles now brings into his work a profound ability to effect change in others. It began with a heroic journey for Charles himself to work through difficult life circumstances that for some would have been inconceivable to imagine a way out of. Over the years Joseph has meticulously and skilfully developed Charles to operate with others with an outstandingly high level of skill. Charles is an example of what's possible with the MythoSelf Process, and he brings to his work with others a constructive appreciation for what it takes to create his own path against all the odds.

Certification Process Requirements

MythoSelf Faciltator Requirements (323Kb)

Mentoring options for students of the MythoSelf Process who are pursuing certification and licensure as a MythoSelf Facilitator

Option one (in correspondence with Phase One of the certification process)

4 hours of Private MythoSelf work with Charles Moore in preparation for attendance of the Mytho2 Facilitator's Training Program. This may be organized as four individual hourly sessions, or one single four-hour session, or any combination of sessions equaling four hours of private one to one MythoSelf work with Charles.

Option two (in correspondence with Phase Three, Part One of the certification process)

Option three (in correspondence with Phase Three, Part Two of the certification process)

Monthly mentoring contact with Charles, comprising of 45 minutes per week plus email support in between calls.

**Please note that the certification requirements require that you work under the guidance of a mentoring trainer over at least a six-month period.

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