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The MythoSelf Experience

MP3 : EPC - Series One Audio and VCD

Our Price:  £177.00


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Joseph Riggio creator of The Mythoself Process and The Mythogenic Self Experience
 Product Name EPC : Series One Audio
 Produced By Joseph Riggio
 Product Type 4x MP3 + PDF Manual + MP4


Are you ready ... We're going to make you an offer you can't refuse ...

Imagine spending the equivalent of a full workshop with Dr. Joseph Riggio, Ph.D. showing you exactly how to build future scenarios for yourself and with others ... where whatever you desire becomes what you experience ... naturally and seemingly without any effort on your part.

Now you can learn the exact method that Joseph Riggio, Ph.D., Architect and Designer of the MythoSelf® Process, uses when working with his own private executive coaching clients - at your convenience, anywhere and at anytime ... in the privacy of your home, office or car ,,, AND ONCE YOU'VE PURCHASED THIS AMAZING SET OF MP3's YOU CAN LISTEN AND LEARN FROM THIS MATERIAL AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE!

However the best part is that you'll be able to learn it all for about 1% of what a one-day session with Joseph would cost if you booked him privately to come into your organization ... that's like paying for ten minutes of Joseph's time and getting to spend a full day with him teaching you exactly what he does that his executive and corporate clients are willing to pay him for in excess of $25,000/day!

This package is truly unbelievable for the price ...

You'll get:

  • 4 Audio MP3's of Joseph meticulously explaining this process, step-by-step AND an additional bonus video MP4!
  • The actual Exquisite Performance™ Coaching manual Joseph uses when presenting this material in his live training

Four Audio MP3 Set:

Experience a complete in-depth tour of Joseph's Exquisite Performance™ Coaching model on this four audio MP3 set:

  • MP3-1 - "Exploring The Trajectory of INTENT™" - the essential model that Joseph uses to build his work with clients
  • MP3-2 - "Moving Beyond the Past" - working with "What's Working" in the present to build an extraordinary future possibility
  • MP3-3 - "Creating a Profound Singularity" - collapsing "Desire" and "Expectation" into a singularity that's precisely matched to the client
  • MP3-4 - "Hurdling the Event Horizon" - using the concept of "Teleological Modeling" in building a successful strategies and processes, including developing the resources necessary to producing specific manifest outcomes in a chaotic environment/context where the client typically operates

Joseph will first take you on a complete tour of his proprietary meta-model - "The Trajectory of INTENT" which establishes the "future-memory" that you'll be building with your clients (or for yourself) . The entire Exquisite Performance™ Coaching process is built within and around this model. The critical distinction of precisely how Joseph begins from the future and works backward to the outcome is so powerful that when you hear it you'll wonder why anyone would consider doing coaching in any other way!

You'll also learn about "Teleological Modeling" - learning how to establish a fully formed outcome in the future that is both unlimited and untainted by any historical reference. Joseph will also explain exactly how to work with "Event Horizons" instead of being dependent upon building clumsy and imprecise steps to building an outcome position that's likely to change because you're working in an unpredictable, chaotic environment/context

Next, Joseph will meticulously take you through each of the steps on the Exquisite Performance™ Coaching model. You'll both experience and learn how to apply the Exquisite Performance™ Coaching process as Joseph takes you on a thrilling journey through the complete model ...

Take a look at just some of the material that Joseph will be covering in depth regarding the Exquisite Performance™ process:

The Four Audio CD's contain ... 

  • Exploring the proprietary Trajectory of INTENT™ model designed by Joseph

  • Master the concepts of Teleological Modeling and working with Event Horizons

  • Developing exquisite skills in calibration, tracking and adumbration when working with clients.

  • Reading the client's non-verbal messages in regard to significantly enhancing the coaching process.

  • Working with clients somatically and teaching them how to embody their experience

  • Teaching your clients how to operate in a situated context and how to extract the relevant information.

  • Identifying the importance of Environment/Context on the coaching process.

  • Recognizing the movement of Information/Data from the Environment/Context into the client's "Frame of Consideration."

  • Working with the client inside the Frame of Consideration to identify Desire and Expectation.

  • Working with and building a powerful T.O.T.E. model to collapse Desire & Expectation into a "Singularity."

  • Moving from the Singularity established with the client to building a Process.

  • Adding in Resources to the Process to insure a successful Outcome/Result.

Using this approach you'll accomplish a significant milestone extremely early on in the coaching process, rather than building a dependency on 'predictability', you'll be building a comfort with 'unpredictability' and the confidence that can only come from knowing that regardless of what comes up the outcome will remain on target.

Audio MP3 Set Value: £300.00

Exquisite Performance™ Training Manual:

You'll also get the actual manual Joseph uses when he's presenting this model in his live training programs. This is a complete breakdown of the model both graphically and in descriptive form. You'll hang onto and use this manual until it falls apart from wear one you've heard this audio presentation and seen the live video presentation.

Training Manual Value: £75.00

Full Color Live VCD Presentation, "Working with Michael"

In addition to the four audio CDs that you'll be receiving you'll also get a VCD of Joseph explaining, setting up and running a full live client session from a training program delivered in Denmark (the material is all presented in English). This full color video was filmed for Joseph's own private use so you'll see it as it actually occurred - no studio retakes, no edits, no interruptions - just an actual live demonstration of this model in action with Master Executive Advisor/Coach Dr. Joseph Riggio himself.

When you watch him in action you'll think you're learning how to operate the equivalent of "quantum physics" or "string theory" for human performance, and yet you'll also recognize how simple Joseph makes it all seem in action. He'll be explaining every step as he goes using simple and direct language to make what he's doing clear.

Working with Michael VCD Value: £55.00

Regardless of whether you keep or return the Audio CD Set and "Working with Michael" VCD you'll keep the Training Manual as a gift from Joseph for simply ordering this package and previewing for 30 days.

And, much, much more ...

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MythoSelf Disclaimer
This product is only for sale to those over the age of eighteen and when you order you are certifying that you are eighteen years of age or older. This product is sold for educational and entertainment purposes only, no other offer or application is suggested or implied. This product is not to be regarded as or considered to be a substitute for professional advice, including but not limited to medical, psychological, legal, financial or otherwise, and if you are in question we strongly advise you to seek the input of a qualified professional. Also please note that Joseph at times uses strong and colorful language that may not be appropriate for minors.

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