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The MythoSelf Experience

Private Success Coaching

Choosing to take action where others would hesitate is the difference it takes

  • Achieve all the potential of which you are personally capable in your life, in your Relationships, Career and Finances

  • Experience having more Success, Opportunity, Love and Money

  • Put yourself into a state where you operate at your best all the time without exception, regardless of circumstance or situation

  • Connect this state with your personal outcomes so that you find yourself getting what you want and wanting what you have, all the time

Private success coaching uses the Exquisite Performance Coaching model (EPC) - a proprietary model developed by Joseph Riggio, the designer of the MythoSelf Process - to enable a person to achieve specific outcomes.

Private Success Coaching is built upon the MythoSelf Process. The difference between these coaching sessions and private Mythoself facilitation, is that with Private Success Coaching the focus is on acheiving outcomes, where as with MythoSelf facilitation the focus is on leading you to being a very particular way in the world using the MythoSelf® Process.

Private Success Coaching is not about what limits you but rather about learning how to go beyond limitations to a position of limitless readiness. From this position, where you are at your best, you will automatically know how to decide to take the action that will get you what you want. This is a position of great resourcefulness and well-being. When you bring this position to your everyday experience - and the tasks you want and need to perform - you will begin to experience regularly the natural effortlessness that you once experienced only occasionally. Like this you will have learned how to remain open and available to what is present in the on-going situation, and freely let go of what is not present, that should have been, or once was, and is not.

Working with Charles you will come to know how to include this kind of open resourcefulness in your experience deliberately regardless of the circumstance or situation. Once you know how-to do this it becomes a choice available to you anywhere, at any time, and with anyone. This becomes the baseline of your personal experience. Starting here you can begin to add-in specific skills like: communication, persuasion, influence, relationship, goal-setting, time management or any other kinds of skills you'd like. When you begin from "what's working" the skills you have work for you instead of you having to work for them. They become natural, unconscious, effortless.

In the first session Charles will work with you to clearly establish what you personally want from the coaching. Once you've agreed on your outcomes Charles will work with you to explore how you can begin immediately to experience the results you want to in your life. You won't have to wait to examine past issues and limitations, or build significant new skills before you begin - you can begin immediately.

Each person comes to private success coaching with their own unique history and intentions, and the number of coaching sessions that you have will be dependent upon this. Time with Charles for Private Success Coaching is available in the first instance on a per hour basis. After this, a special pricing arrangement is available and bookable direct with Charles after your first session.

Now the choice remains yours! You can choose to experience what you've always experienced, or go beyond this to what you are truly capable of being, doing and having in your life.

Arranging Private Success Coaching

You can purchase Private Success Coaching with Charles Moore through our on-line store. You will receive a call within 24 hours to arrange a specific date and time that suits you for your first session.

Alternatively call us on 020-8974-8974 to make the arrangements. *Please note that a minimum of 24 hours is required to cancel a session - otherwise no refund will be given.

Please note that sessions can take place over the telephone or face to face.

Still not sure which service you want? Contact us or call 020-8974-8974 and we can help you decide.

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