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What do you want?

The MythoSelf Experience

The Mythogenic Self Experience

This weekend training uncovers what it is you really want. It frees you from the depression, anxiety and mental paralysis that comes from putting off for tomorrow. It makes making decisions easy. It stops your past troubling your future. It shows you how to act on an idea. An idea you want to make happen. But that's not all...  

 "This has been the most profound work I have ever ever experienced."

Stefano Lauria

"As a performance coach I have been exposed to many techniques and training courses for improving performance and nothing to date has been as powerful as the Mythogenic Process. The weekend was a great experience that has given me a different way of operating in the world. I have seen an immediate benefit from this ongoing practical process and Charles and Janice delivered the course with great skill, sensitivity and fun. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone."

Simon Tinkler, Director and Executive Performance Coach

The MythoSelf Process puts a practical, real world framework around achieving something that other disciplines and trainings have never quite managed.  Since its development around 10 years ago,  the MythoSelf Process has enabled people to have the life of their dreams, and people from all corners of the globe are experiencing incredible results.

  • Love and marriage!
  • Families started!
  • Vocations being realized!
  • Businesses built!
  • Health

A way of being where life works

Since the mid 1980's, Joseph Riggio has dedicated himself to developing models and processes that wake people up to the experience of their life.    One of his greatest achievements so far is the development of  the MythoSelf Process; a 7 exercise process delivered over a 2-day training that teaches participants a very particular way of being in the world.  A way where - quite simply - life works.

This may sound like mere imagination, but those who have experienced the Mythogenic Self™ Experience know that there's a way for you to choose to have your life work in this way, anytime, anywhere, with anyone, no matter what.  This program is designed for "being in the world", a path similar to the ones described by the Sufi oriented mystics Gurdijeff and Rumi. It is based on Roye Fraser's ‘Generative Imprint™ model and built around Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey". It's a profound experience leading you directly to your best state, uncovering the adventure of your life and revealing to you your unique and individual path in life. A path that's shared by no other and yet common to all.

"I have been to several other self development trainings before, but have never been able to "get it" even when other participants are having success.  With this training I have finally had a transforming experience.  One that has resolved deep childhood memories and aligned my mind and body for a brighter future by teaching me how to be my true self."  

Stefan Karlsson

So what's the secret to having a life that works?!

It's three-fold.  First and foremost it's about how you organize yourself physically. There's a particular way that you organize your body when you are at your best.  We elicit this internal configuration (which is unique to you) and teach it you.  It's like being given the manual to your own body/mind so that you can be at your best intentionally instead of it being left to chance of having a good day.  Secondly it's to do with the personal mythology that you live your life by (the stories or "myths" that create the reality that you experience).  Most people aren't awake to what mythology they are living by.  We will change that, and this alone is worth every penny of the course fee. Thirdly, it's knowing how to make every day decisions that will on-goingly pull you toward the future that you most desire. The MythoSelf Process is decision making in its purest and most natural form.  You'll learn how to make decisions that will allow you to be at your best.  No comprises.  No ifs, buts, or maybes. Attend this training and we guarantee that you will leave knowing explicitly how to do these things. 

Hear what Allison Briggs, Mythogenic Self Experience participant in October 2004 has to say:

"After my first MythoSelf® program (or Mythogenic Self Experience), I became aware of what I'm like when I'm making impeccable decisions, brought to my attention by exact and precise facilitation.  Afterwards, I entered the world knowing the somatic signals of what a YES! for me was and what a NO! for me was too.  To say this is useful would be the understatement of my life! It is flat out liberating to have this skill of decision making present and available to me at all times. Being able to make decisions like this has really helped me establish a sense of direction...It keeps me true to myself and true to my path...and has a way of reaching out to others as well.

This approach to making decisions is different than how I went about deciding things before. Of course I had "made" decisions in my life before I began learning this model, but in retrospect, it's like the good decisions I made were a bit on accident, or just seemed to happen randomly. The MythoSelf
® process taught me in a sense how to decide with purpose by becoming aware of the somatic signals. Your body makes the decision first, so it's just a matter of picking up on it. Even better, the decision making strategy that you learn works when you're considering others as well - icing on the cake seeing that I'm not alone in this world! When I trust in it, approaching decisions in this way acts like a compass for me, keeping me oriented to my path and moving towards my intended direction...

Learning how to make decisions - intentional decisions - about my life definitely makes my top ten list of favorite things about the MythoSelf-tm process. It probably makes the top five. I have some important decisions coming up, and I'm confident that I'll decide wisely and purposely - that I'll make the right ones for me by letting my body do its thing and trusting myself absolutely...this decision making business has really rooted in me and helps me become me...more and more with each decision.

I'm not suggesting that it makes the executions or implementations of the decision easy by any means, but it does simplify the knowing what fits and what doesn't. Even if I don't know how to go about something, that's perfectly okay because at least I know that a "yes" is in the right direction. My system will come to rest and I'll settle down when I'm on the right track, opening me up to even more possibilities, all the while staying steady and even...a realization made only after a facilitator on the program pointed it out to me. Making decisions like this actually generates more of this feeling for me, more of this steady, open, resourceful state...and then more great decision come about because of this...what a lovely loop to have going round and round!

The more I hammer out this whole process, the more exact and precise my decisions become and the less energy I spend "making" decisions about my life, freeing up more energy for actually living my life! I move about much more smoothly in the world knowing that I have my own northern star tucked away and that it's with me all the time.

All of this made my first MythoSelf
® experience well worth it - just this alone is priceless...and there's even MORE to a Mytho program for cryin' out loud that just this...Enjoy every bit of it!!"

"What a great thing to be able to do - be totally myself!  I've gained access to such a powerful tool that I have with me all the time." 

Jasmine Fish

Learn how to live your life genuinely, congruently and meaningfully 

For the past 7 years Charles Moore has been one of only a handful of people to have mentored closely with Joseph to develop the skills to be able to bring this work to others.  The combination of Charles' passion for personal development and the fact that he himself has been the "searcher" and found what he was searching for, makes this training even more spectacular.  Charles genuinely brings the gift of authenticity to what he does.  He is a person that journeyed long and far in search of something that would finally enable him to come to rest within himself while following a path with heart.  It's this quality that brings great potency to the work he will do with you on this training.

This isn't a bunch of whizz bang techniques.  You won't leave with an assortment of  NLP type tools.  What you will have learnt though is something that in our opinion is worth much more. How to live your life genuinely, congruently and meaningfully.  If this matters to you, then book.

"Thanks for opening my heart, mind and senses to a world of possibilities.  To be given such a powerful resource on which to draw "at will" is fantastic.  I feel empowered and in control." 

Hilary Stewart 

How you will benefit

• Develop exquisite self-awareness and awareness of other
• Gain a level of self confidence that allows you to live your life fully
• Build your self esteem to the point where you know any thing's possible for you
• Develop total clarity and focus about what it is you want
• Learn how to make decisions - that will never compromise you - quickly and easily
• Learn how to maintain a sense of balance and calm in your life - no matter what
• Learn how to control how you feel from the inside instead of allowing your emotional state be controlled by others
• Open up to a profound sense of purpose to your life
• Experience what it's like to be operating from your centre...your bliss
• Experience extraordinary personal relationships
• Move through every moment of your life from a natural and effortless way of being

"An excellent program for those who want to have a lasting life changing experience." 

Vaz Mistry 

Suitable for people who

• Aren't sure what they want - their life purpose
• Have difficulty making decisions
• Whose past blights their future
• Want to free them self of the depression, anxiety and mental paralysis that comes from putting off for tomorrow
• Have an idea. An idea that they want to make happen
• Want to improve their health and stamina
• Want to improve their concentration and creativity
• Want a convenient and accessible way to increase their productivity
• Want an easy and affordable way to take care of them self
• Want to rid themselves of feelings of stress, anxiety and fear so that they can take advantage of opportunity when it presents itself
• Want the kind of attitude that will give them complete freedom to grow very wealthy - in all aspects of life
• NLP Practitioners and NLP trainers who have learnt the NLP tool set but still find that something is missing... 

"I was hesitant to go to the training because I found it hard to grasp what it was all about. I was told that it was in the experience that I would come to know what it was all about. Now that I have had the experience, this makes perfect sense!"

Georgios Diamantopoulos

"Fantastic. I highly recommend anyone and everyone attend this course."

Terry Doherty

"You created a lot of space in which I was able to unfold myself. Thank you very much."

Dan Rodriguez

"I really enjoyed this training and got something from all the exercises.  I know how to feels for me to be at my best and how to access this at will.  I spent a lot of money of exotic holidays in the past to get the feeling that I got from this training.  I'm very happy with it" 

Tony Walsh 

 "I really enjoyed the experience/course and would definitely like to be made aware of similar courses that you run."

Pat McElroy 

"An interesting, thought provoking course, introducing a fasincating cluster of ideas.  Charles is a good communicator and leader - very calm and calming, and very generous with his time." 

Richard Bailey

"This weekend seminar teaches in both a subtle and overt way how to live life in the now, moment by moment and how to adapt to changes easily and effortlessly." 


"This is a very hands-on course, and the excellent ratio of facilitators to participants ensures that everyone really can get to grips with the techniques being taught. The material was also presented in a very non-technical way - a thoroughly enjoyable and user-friendly weekend, providing some invaluable lifeskills. Highly recommended!"

Graham Cooper

"Fun and profound learning all in one easy to digest weekend, with people who really walk their talk!"

David Stevens 

"A fantastic experience.  I recommend it to anyone.  Charles and Janice are both experienced and skillful at presenting and facilitating the material, and I felt catered for the whole time.  Not one boring moment."

Brian Reekie

"A well planned training that has taught me how to be at my best at anytime.  An excellent course!"

Philomena Jones

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