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The MythoSelf Experience
Janice Moore

About Janice

Janice Moore worked within the Human Resources departments of various blue chip companies spanning over a period of almost 10 years.  Her role was specifically concerned with the training and development of staff within the organization.  She was involved in every aspect of the training cycle, including training needs analysis, design, delivery and implementation.  The latter years were spent in a training consultancy role where the emphasis become to nurture the potential of staff through 1-1 coaching, and bespoke training design. 

Janice went freelance in 2002, hiring out her Learning and Development services to businesses across the U.K.  A year later she married Charles and they decided to pool their efforts and work together to bring Joseph Riggio's work to a wider audience.

Janice is a licentiate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, an NLP Master Practioner, and, although she hasn't gone through the formal qualification route to become a MythoSelf Facilitator or Trainer, she has remained very close to Joseph's work. 

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