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The MythoSelf Experience


“I've worked with many, many people trained in NLP, hypnosis and other technologies of change/transformation - few of them compare with Charles in terms of the depth of knowledge and skills he brings to his work. Charles has worked with me studying and learning the methods, process and technology of the Mythogenic Self™ Process and is one of only three people I have designated as MythoSelf Trainers ... he is a master of the form. If you want to open up vistas of possibility that have been beyond your immediate consideration and to have your future present now work with Charles ... he is a master of creating states of 'Profound Relaxation' in which all that limits you simply dissolves and is replaced by a state of pervasive well being and readiness, GO FOR IT!”
Joseph Riggio, designer of the Mythogenic Self™ Process

“I would very much recommend Charles Moore to anyone interested in a better life. I have had tens of thousands of students - few I trust implicitly, Charles is one.”
Richard Bandler, Co-Creator of NLP

"I have known Charles for over 20 years. He is not only one of the finest change agents I know, he is one of the most consistent and most thorough. I recommend him to anyone who really wants to make powerful life changes elegantly."
John Lavalle, co-author of Persuasion Engineering™ and Master Trainer of NLP & DHE

“Most people have not taken the time and effort to work on themselves before they work with others. As the leader in the field of bio-energetic healing I have worked on Charles for over 10 years and know that he is in the right place energetically to assist others in making the changes they require to their lives.”
Seka Nikolic, Bio Energetic Healer

“Charles is a skilled practitioner of NLP. Through his desire to help others he makes it possible for others to improve their lives.”
Paul McKenna, World Famous Hypnotist, TV Personality

“Charles Moore is far and away one of the greatest practitioners of deep relaxation hypnosis... He is gifted, talented and perhaps most importantly, deeply congruent.  The greatest aspect of the model of work Charles offers is that he will teach you how to continue to maintain the state you’ll access as you go forward with your life, long after the workshop has ended...”
Jeffrey Leiken, MA - The Mentor Counseling Company

“Charles Moore has a magic touch.  He will take you on a journey to the heart of yourself and bring you back with a sense of possibility and a profound feeling of calm readiness for what's next.  And he will teach you how to step into your own profound relaxation whenever you choose. Highly recommended.”

Peta Heskell, Author and International Trainer

“In a few moments with Charles he gave me a sense of ‘ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE’ which I can tap into at will. This has been a quantum change in my personal happiness and my career”
Jillian Whitelam, NLP Practitioner

“Just a brief line to say thanks from the bottom of my heart. My phobia of needles had haunted me for years (37 years+) and REALLY restricted my life.  Your help to clear this problem has opened up my whole life. I can have my vasectomy reversed & so start another family. I can have my teeth repaired instead of having to put up with hours and days of agony because I was terrified of an injection.  I feel like a MASSIVE weight has been lifted off my shoulders and look forward to the choices you've opened up for me in my life.”
Colin Remmer, Electrician, Builder

“Charles is gifted with an understanding of the most subtle aspects of human identity and is able to pitch his communication skills at a level which exactly matches who I am. This enables me to expand my self awareness and through Charles wholehearted focus and unique range of techniques helps me to understand who I am becoming and relish this”
Tom Battye, Expedition Leader

"I really do thank you for the gift that you have given to me.  You exude a sense of calm and confidence that immediately enabled me to feel that I could trust you completely. I can’t imagine anyone would not feel an instant rapport with you. I consider myself privileged to have worked with you. Some people work 'on' you, you work 'with'. In harmony, enabling and enhancing others. Thank you so much"
Jean McNeil

“It is beyond belief that it took you just a couple of minutes to change my life forever. My life is more peaceful now; when I came home in the evening after work I don't feel the need to "rob" the chocolate cabinet any more! (Which is a miracle for me!) I have lost 1.5kg over the past 10 days without doing anything. Also in other areas of my life I feel more calm and in control and don't have to have the last word in every conversation, which helps enormously in my marriage.   Once again, Thank you soooooo much, you have changed my life.”
Anita Hauswirth, Restaurant Manager

“Prior to attending a Life Coaching Weekend organized by Charles, I had some awareness of the MythoSelf Process from a friend who had worked with Joseph Riggio, and I was keen to experience this for myself. In just a short time, Charles coached me to a position where I was (and am) able to be, simply and perfectly, myself; a state of well-being in which I felt truly and spontaneously alive. And then we did it again.  Experiencing this state, and discovering how to access it for myself, is one thing. Learning how to act from it, effortlessly and with poise and clarity, is quite another. And I got that too! Working with Charles, and observing Charles work with others, is a pleasure and a privilege, and I am looking forward to working with him again, real soon now”
Sam Riordan

“Having been on the Mythogenic Self course with Joseph Riggio and also having had an individual session with Charles I can say that I was amazed by Charles skills, what he has learnt and the dramatic changes he made in the way I felt”
Paul Wright

“I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and gained a considerable amount from working with you. Many things that I have been working on for sometime fell into place. Now I look forward to reaping the rewards! Thanks for putting it all together.”
Nic Jarvis, Management Development Consultant

"Charles brings kindness and patience, as well as technical skill, to the work that he does. You don't need to have a problem to benefit from a clearer view of how you function at your best. Charles can give you that."
Dr M Gray, IT Consultant

“I am writing to thank you very sincerely for the help that you gave me in the work we did over the last 10 days. Without question your ability to effect the lasting change so quickly was truly remarkable. Your ability to establish rapport was particularly effective and I know that the changes that you helped me to make will have a lasting effect”
Angus H J Donald

"I knew that fear limited me. I tried to find states of mind to eliminate fear. I tried to find techniques so that I could move forward. I was very prone to regression.  Charles taught me experientially about an altered state of being, where fear cannot be present.  He taught me very quickly over 3 sessions – how to tune into this. It is simple. Overwhelmingly simple. It is not about words or ideas. It is about being and doing. This actually tied in very well with the point I had come to when Charles contacted me with his generous gift. I needed to be in action.  Charles Moore was tough and insistent on bringing me to this state, Tough about this being my responsibility – not something he could or would do for me. Tough in making me realize it is something I need to keep bringing myself back to again and again.  It has been over three months since that gift. And now my possibilities are available to me, by my own discipline – that is now an effective discipline. I am profoundly grateful for his tough insistence."
Helen Shaw

“I DID IT ALL read the “right” books, listened to the “right” tapes, went within and worst of all went without for years. I tried so hard to get my life into some sort of order.  But I just could not get my head around all the programmes I was trying to follow to make changes in most areas my life.  Then I came across Charles, three one to one sessions with a few follow up calls, I’m pleased to say I am on the right track. I’m making the changes in my life I should have done years ago.  Amazingly it’s so simple.  The best thing of all is that negative inner voice which would not shut up, only surfaces every now and again.  Nice one Charles”
Tahera Hussain

“After seeing Charles I now feel no ‘ties’ to my life, I feel open and not restrained or held back – physically and mentally”
Andrew Duffield

"This has been the most profound work I have ever ever experienced."
Stefano Lauria

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