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The MythoSelf Experience

NLP and MythoSelf

NLP as taught today
What NLP is superb for
What  the MythoSelf Process is superb for
If I'm an NLP practitioner, what could I be doing differently?
Table comparison between the MythoSelf® Process and NLP
A perfect partnership - NLP built upon the MythoSelf Process

NLP as taught today

NLP is most often organised to resolve problems i.e. it is a therapeutic model and remedial in nature.  NLP work starts from a position of "what's wrong" / "what's not working" / "what needs fixing", and this means that the client fundamentally remains grounded in the problem state - a state that is negative in nature, limiting and highly un-resourcesful.  Tools and techniques are taught to the client to help them get motivated, increase self-confidence, overcome a phobia, lose weight etc. but their core way of being isn't addressed.  It's like installing the latest software without considering the hardware's ability to sustain running it.

What NLP is superb for

NLP is great for reframing how a person thinks about their problems.   It gives a person different software/thinking tools to help them fix problems.

What the MythoSelf® Process is superb for

The MythoSelf Process is a somatic (body based) method that teaches a person how to be a very particular way in the world - a way where they are absolutely at their best within themselves.  It does this by teaching a person how to, first and foremost, use their hardware differently.  Because of this, a person's entire way of being changes, not just how they think about a problem.   

*The MythoSelf® Process is based upon the belief that it is our hardware - our nervous system, skeletal system, muscular system etc. - that most directly impacts the emotional equilibrium of a person, and consequently how they think and feel. 

If I'm an NLP practitioner, what could I be doing differently?

Teach your clients how they are within themselves when they are at their best instead of helping them fix problems.

Table comparison between the MythoSelf® Process and NLP

MythoSelf ProcessNLP
Begins from and operates within an excitatory/positive bias..."what's possible/what's working".
Begins from and operates within a framework of “what’s wrong/what’s not working”.
It operates at the level of Being, and then Doing.It operates at the level of Doing.
It operates at the level of changing the ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ of a person.It operates at the level of changing the ‘software’ of a person.
Future oriented (what do you want to be true of, and for you in the future).Past oriented (how have things been in the past/what are the problems that need fixing).
Recognition of mans connection with the larger systems of which we are all part.No recognition of this.
Recognition of human’s biological call to discover “Who Am I” and “What’s my place in the world’”No recognition of human’s biological journey.
A person’s own anchors from within them are used.External anchors are imposed on a person.

A perfect partnership - NLP built upon the MythoSelf® Process

Imagine how different your life would be if you were "structurally well-formed" i.e. could organize yourself to a way of being where you are absolutely at your best and living authentically.  Now imagine building in the skills so that you are "functionally well-formed" i.e. so that you can operate in your day-to-day life from this way of being. These two things are what you will get from a Mythogenic Self Experience training. 

Now add into the mix the wonderful tool set of NLP!  Its attention on linguistics, beliefs, reframing, sensory systems, the Meta-Model, the Milton-Model, hypnosis etc.etc.

When the MythoSelf Process and NLP are brought together, your happiness, opportunities, and skills will accellerate to a whole new level!

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