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The MythoSelf Experience

Generative Imprint

Explanation of the MythoSelf® Process and the Generative Imprint™ Model

At a very young age something happened for the first time that was a really positive experience for you.  At that time you would have been completely absorbed in what ever was going on around you, you would have been in a positive and resourceful frame of mind, and you would have felt settled within your self.

A way in which we learn, develop and grow, is by "imprinting" experiences into the very core of who we are.  These imprints then remain available to us for the rest of our lives.

This means that first positive emotional experience that you had has been imprinted in you.  You'll know this because you'll have found that the positive emotional experience returns when ever the environmental conditions around you are "just right".

One of the many great things about the MythoSelf® Process is that it teaches you how to return back to that imprint intentionally, instead of it being left to chance of the environmental conditions around you being "just right".  This means you can:

  • Have your attention out in the world around you and be fully absorbed in what ever it is you are doing ALL THE TIME
  • Have a positive and resourceful frame of mind ALL THE TIME
  • Have a feeling of being completely OK and settled within yourself ALL THE TIME

*Generative Imprint is a wholly owned trademark of Roye Fraser and Blue Dell Systems

Book yourself the gift of a life time now and have a Private MythoSelf Facilitation session with Charles.  He's trained to notice how exactly you access being this way, so that he can then teach you what you need to know

Joseph Riggio Ph.D. (creator of the MythoSelf® Process) studied with Roye Fraser for nearly 10 years, and the MythoSelf® Process is based upon Roye Fraser's Generative Imprint model, as well as other influences, such as Joseph Campbell's work on mythology.  Roye Fraser is a Certified NLP Trainer and therapist and provides NLP Certification Training through his company Blue Dell Systems. 

Extract of an article that was published in Anchor Point (The International Journal for Effective NLP Communicators)  

Generative Imprinting™

By Roye Fraser and Ann M.Gardner, Ph.D.

In the last few years, NLP has evolved into a highly sophisticated technology.  With this advanced technology, we can now create generative, lasting changes in our own lives and help clients change the direction of their lives.  A client may come to us seeking relief only from a specific, conscripted set of of symptoms.  However, if we, for example, help a client overcomes a simple phobia, she may return some time later with complaints of insomnia or recurrent obsessive fears.  A client's migraine headaches may be "cured", but other physical problems may subsequently take their place.  Another client may be able to stop smoking only to start again when he encounters a particularly stressful situation...

Read the full article as published in Anchor Point magazine 

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