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The MythoSelf Experience

A brief history of the MythoSelf Process

Joseph Riggio initially designed the MythoSelf Process in 1995 when he began delivering a training that he called the "Mythogenic Self Process."  At that time Joseph was a senior student of Roye Fraser of NLP America/Blue Dell Systems. In the early 1980's Roye had developed a proprietary model of working with people using a positive, excitatory framework he called the Generative Imprint Model. This was after his study of Konrad Lorenz's work on imprinting as well as numerous other sources including Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey," the hypnotic protocols of Milton Erickson and the NLP source material. This work was absolutely unique in that instead of working with clients around their problems, the client's presenting problem became a lens through which to access a highly powerful and profound positive state Roye referred to as the Generalized Desired State (G.D.S.) - a unique "Ready State" of pervasive well-being.

Initially the MythoSelf Process was a direct presentation of the Generative Imprint Model delivered in a unique series of exercises designed by Joseph presented over four days. This program was designed to offer participants the opportunity to experience the Generative Imprint Model for themselves facilitated by two of Roye's senior students - Joseph Riggio and Nancy Ludwig.

In the intervening years Joseph refined, modified and added to these initial exercises, shortening the delivery time of the program from four days to three days, and at the same time substantially increasing the depth of the experience for the participants. These exercises still remain at the heart of MythoSelf® Process Facilitation and what is now called the The Mythogenic Self Experience (the basic entry level MythoSelf® Process program).

The MythoSelf Process Today

In addition to the experience of "Being at Your Best" (what we call the "Generalized Desired State, or G.D.S.), we place a great deal of attention in the MythoSelf® work today on spirituality and the position of the "self" in relation to that which is Greater Than Self (what you'll find us referring to as "G.T.S." - the dissolution of the experience of duality).

Direct access to the perception and experience of a state of pure "Being" provides the methodology we use to attain this state of spirituality.

There are two aspects of "Being" present in most Western philosophical disciplines.

The first aspect represents the duality where self and other both simultaneously exist, of which some examples are: "this or that," "here or there," "past or future." This equates to "ordinary" perception in terms of cause and effect and linearity.

The second aspect can be represented by the singularity where all sense of self and other collapse: becoming "this and that," "here and there," "past and future".  This is a unified point of pure perception and experience.

It is this second aspect of "Being" that expresses most closely what we aim at in the MythoSelf® work

In other words, this singularity then becomes the perception of experience as it unfolds without interpretation or filtering. Inside of this position the totality of the pure perception of experience fills the individual so completely that all sense of boundary dissipates and dissolves. In assimilating this experience time ceases to exist and the individual stands at the center of the Universe while simultaneously extending to its outermost edge. "Like this ..." all sense of self also dissipates and dissolves into that which is "Greater Than Self" - the experience of G.T.S. The individual experiences only the pure rush and exhilaration of the epiphany of "Being".

We organize the perception and experience of being present to that which is Greater Than Self in relation to the sense of yourself at your best the Generalized Desired State, and the pervasive sense of wellbeing that accompanies it.

From the G.D.S. the individual experiences anything and everything as possible.  Holding these two experiences, G.T.S. and G.D.S., in simultaneity and oscillating between them, generates the state of experience that contains and manifests both, what we call INTENT.

INTENT manifests most evidently as a profound directionality in the individual's life, a sense of being on one's unique path; living in accordance with one's purpose.

You can equate this with foremost mythologist Joseph Campbell's description of "Bliss" that he so often referred to when describing the "Call to Adventure" and the "Hero's Journey." You can also equate this approach with the Fourth Way path espoused by the mystic Gurdjieff that equates to a complete spiritual fulfillment and unfolding.

The MythoSelf Process as a Spiritual Path

The uniquely "Western" perspective of the MythoSelf® approach makes the blurring of the distinctions of duality extraordinarily relevant within the context of the discussion suggested when comparing "Eastern" and "Western" approaches and philosophies. These distinctions never require resolution when the perspective applied within the MythoSelf Process becomes operative. "This and That," "Yin and Yang" exist and operate simultaneously within the perspective of the "Fourth Way" path of the MythoSelf® Process and without requiring explanation or resolution.

Referring to this particular and unique kind of perspective as a "Fourth Way" path of spirituality has become common. Fourth Way spiritual paths refer to "Being In the World" while pursuing spiritual awareness or enlightenment. This position remains uniquely different from those spiritual paths that emphasize moving away from or even exiting the world proper, e.g.: meditation, contemplation, hermitage.

Many well-known spiritual paths (both Eastern and Western) begin with the foundational premise of working with the "negative" or "shadow" experience of the individual.  Or, put more simply, what doesn't work in an individual's life.

This orientation generates an awareness of limitation, and in doing so presents to the individual something which must be transcended. The suggestion that transcending limitation to create the opportunity for transformation has significant limitations unto itself.

The MythoSelf work begins from a decidedly different premise 

We orient around the most positive experience of the individual (this approach flows from origins in the Generative Imprint Model). We access the most positive experience of the individual and use it as a lens to focus them towards the unfolding of their awareness in relation to possibility (as opposed to limitation). Like this the individual experiences transformation in the instant of this awareness being present.

Another distinction between the MythoSelf work and many other spiritual paths concerns the difference between transcendence and transparency.

Transcendence suggests moving beyond or above the existing limitation. Within the MythoSelf® work we prefer to develop "Transparency"; the dissipation and dissolution of all limitation; going to where limitation simply doesn't exist. We take the individual to a higher logical level where the limitation transforms into the perception of pure information without judgment. Transparency is a state of being that allows the individual to be present to the immediacy of the unfolding moment while fully and completely experiencing it, thus creating the possibility of assimilating and integrating the unfolding moment. This moment exists outside of and beyond any boundary condition of duality.

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