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The MythoSelf Experience

Glossary of Terms

What do all the long and usual words mean that I've heard used in relation to the MythoSelf®  Process?

The process of predicting the direction of a person's experience. Doing this enables the facilitator/trainer to determine the most appropriate intervention to use next.

Body Memory
This is the representation of the experience that you are having in your body in response to something. It is a kinesthetic metaphor for neurological processing.

The process of measuring and adjusting what is present against a desired standard in order to achieve that standard.

Cybernetic operating system
A self-referencing, self-organizing operating system. For example, INTENT becomes a cybernetic operating system when it's practiced enough.

This stands for Deep Trance Identification and it is used to describe the ability to experience in yourself what someone else is experiencing.

Within the MythoSelf® Process you may hear the phrase "at the level of epistemology". This means at the level of what they know and believe.

Event Horizon
This is a milestone that is ahead of you - between where you are now (in the present) and the future that you desire for yourself. There will be many event horizons along your trajectory of intent, and at each you 'update' in relation to the present that you find yourself in to determine what your next event horizon will be. Event horizons form a part of the Exquisite Performance Coaching model, which is available as a stand along training program provided by Joseph Riggio.

(the) Form
The structure of a person's being.

4th Way
A way of being where you are IN the world, with your attention directed outward. If you are living life the 4th Way, you also have a clear sense of boundaries, yet no sense of being 'bound'.

This is the instant impression or a static snapshot that you get as a result of incoming data through each of your five senses.

G.D.S (Generalized Desired State)
A state that a person exists in that comes about when they make specific micro-muscular adjustments to their physiology (that are unique to them). This G.D.S is characterized by:
Their system coming to rest.
Their attention being fully on the outside.
Sorting for possibility/noticing for what's working.

G.T.S. (Greater Than Self)
A state that a person exists in that comes about when they focus their attention on the universe at large and their being a part of it, yet unable to contain it. Thoughts of nature, or the miracle of new life are examples of how someone might access their G.T.S. A shift in a person's physiology occurs when they 'access' their G.T.S.

(The) Hero's Journey
A model developed by mythologist Joseph Campbell to illustrate the universal journey of life common to all mankind.

Intentionally helping people un-wind loops they've put themselves in and drawing out what's present in them and they desire.

Iconic Symbolic Representation
A term used by Roye Fraser to describe the sensory specific internal representation of how a person is when they are at their best. It is the representation that the semantic representation rests upon. Iconic Symbolic Representation and is sometimes also referred to as the 'symbolic form'.

A state that a person exists in that comes about through holding in body/mind both their G.D.S and G.T.S. The state of Intent is the oscillation between G.D.S and G.T.S.

Inter-Objective Reality
A shared reality (which is the only reality that exists).

Isomorphically matched
When something is perfectly matched with who a person is at the level of who they are - the core of their being. For example a gesture that a person makes when they are operating from their Intent, could be described as being isomorphically matched to them.

Limbic System
The part of the brain that plays a role in the control and production of emotional behavior.

Logical Chaining
This is one of the primary skills of hypnosis and it means being able to make logical chains in the mind of another person. When logical chaining is done well it is a seamless connection of ideas that causes the other persons response to be "of course"..."of course"...

Memes are the DNA of human society, influencing every aspect of mind, behavior, and culture. Each of us can be categorized within human society depending upon our value systems and life conditions. Books have been written that give labels and descriptions to these different categories within human society, such as Strategy of the Dolphin by Beck and Cowen.

This is a figure of speech (often in the form of a story, but not necessarily) that is used to refer to something without being literal about it. A metaphor suggests similarity to something else without being explicit and it causes in the person listening to the metaphor a substitution of one symbolic representation for another.

The process of observing someone closely in order to discover what it is exactly that they are doing to achieve a particular result that you would like to replicate, and perhaps teach others.

MythogenicTM Self Process
The same as the MythoSelf® Process

MythoSelf® Process
A model developed by Dr.Joseph Riggio Ph.D. which addresses the myth-making nature of individuals.


Omni-Holographic Awareness
This is a state of being where an individual's awareness is not only tuned externally, but is also fully open with regard to all sensory modalities (vision, hearing, touch/feeling, smell, taste), and has full brain access bypassing both linearity and causality. Complete external awareness without labeling and attaching meaning to what's present.

There are a couple of phrases you may hear on MythoSelf(r) Process trainings where the word ontology is used. The first is "having an ontological awareness", and this means having awareness of yourself at the level of Being (your core/the core of who you are). The other is "at the level of ontology" which is referring to an awareness at the level of your ontology (as opposed to the level of thinking and knowledge i.e. what you know - or what you think you know!).

To move between the two. The oscillation between G.D.S and G.T.S generate the state we refer to as Intent.

Ready State
This means the same as G.T.S.

This means the study of meaning in language.

Shift the filter, Force the Sort
This is where a person shifts their filters of attention, so that they are forced to sort for (look out for) something new/different to what they had been previously.

Social Ontology
This means having an awareness of yourself at the level of Being in relation to other.

This is a Greek word meaning the living body in its wholeness.

Soma-SemanticTM Modeling
This is the term used to describe the process of tracking gestures, posture and micro-muscular movements as they relate to the way an individual frames their experience, the meaning they derive from it, and their psychic state of being and mind.

Structural well-formedness
This means being able to operate from your center out into the world; making decisions based on what most fits and matches for you; choosing possibility over limitation regardless and in-spite of the circumstance or situation.

A term used to describe the body and mind as one.

This means a future based orientation. If you are teleologically orientated, it means that you are orientated toward a future that's present for you, but just hasn't happened yet.

Topology / Topography
This is the scenery or landscape that is projected by the energy field surrounding a person, persons or thing, and is visible or sensed at an energy level by someone trained (or with the innate ability) to be able to do so. As an example, a feature of someone's topology could be described as 'rounded' or 'jagged'. It reveals the way that a person is holding and presenting themselves.

Actively noticing what specifically is occurring in someone else's experience, in yourself, or even the environment that you are present to. It's a method of collecting data.

The path you follow through time.

Trajectory of Intent
The path that becomes present to you (for you to follow through time) when you are in your Intent.


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