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The MythoSelf Experience

Monthly lessons in how to have a life that works 

Real life dilemmas. Solved.

"Every time we returned from a Joseph Riggio training, our nearest and dearest would enquire about what we'd learnt this time! Despite our best efforts, neither of us managed to explain it to them in a way that really satisfied their curiosity. The reason for this is that the MythoSelf Process isn't easily boxed and labeled. Neither is it easy to convey to someone what it's really like being a student of Joseph Riggio.

Thank fully we don't get asked any more, not by close family and friends at least, and we think that the reason they've stopped asking, is because they no longer need to. They're seeing it in action in our lives. They experience first hand the way that we're developing as individuals, as a couple, as partners in business, and as future parents.

The most effective way that we can think of to share what we've learnt with you (as well as attending a Mythogenic Self Experience training or having Private Facilitation !!), is by inviting you to also witness "life at the Moore's" through these emails. We hope that this periodic glimpse into our lives - past, present and future - will enable you to see the model in action; help you to solve your real life dilemmas, and guide you toward having the life that you want.

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Best wishes,

Charles and Janice Moore

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