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Real life dilemmas. Solved.

1st November 2006
Dilemma 1: I want to let go of feeling sorry about something that I did in the past so that I can be free to enjoy my life now and in the future.

1st December 2006
Dilemma 2: I don't know what I want.

1st January 2007
Dilemma 3: I'm scared of letting go of control

1st February 2007
Dilemma 4: Am I a quitter, or is it time for a change?

1st March 2007
Dilemma 5: My negative thinking spirals out of control!

1st April 2007
Dilemma 6: I regularly find myself having disagreements with people because I don't agree with or like what they're saying

1st May 2007
Dilemma 7: I have all these ideas about things I could be doing, but for some reason I'm holding back and going round in circles thinking about it...

1st June 2007
Dilemma 8: I dig myself into an even deeper hole when I realize I've made a mistake about something, but won't admit it to the other person.

1st July 2007
Dilemma 9: "Could loving be the ultimate cure all?"

1st August 2007
Dilemma 10: "Being around certain family members is torture!"

1st September 2007
Issue 11: Celebrating New Life! 

1st October 2007
Dilemma 12: "I shut down when things get too much"

1st November 2007
Dilemma 13: "How Do I Keep Calm When Everything Around Me Is Chaotic?"

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